Quality Management and Compliance

Health and Safety

ISO 45001, Custom

VERTHOS provides the transparency that you need when health and safety is at stake

Fully integrated Audit, CAPA, and Risk Management dashboards

ISO 45001

Our ISO 45001 audit suite is designed by the legendary Dr. Matt Seaver, author and leading consultant in ISO standards.

The audit suite is completely integrated with Non-Conformance handling and the CAPA action register. Every non-conformance is actively tracked. Users who have assigned action tasks are repeatedly reminded that there are important actions on their schedule.

Interactive analytics dashboards provide real-time views of statistics and trend data.


Our ISO9001 audit suite is provided in a unified environment alongside your health and safety audits, customer audits, and your own bespoke audits.

Dr. Matt Seaver has designed this audit suite to give valuable guidance and insights to even the most seasoned of quality management professionals.

It covers all phases of ISO 9001 from all clauses in section 4 through to section 10.

Customer & Bespoke

VERTHOS provides you with the means to create any number of customer defined or your own internal bespoke audits on-demand.

All of these audits are automatically integrated with CAPA management.

VERTHOS employs a sophisticated register of audit questions that you can use to quickly create specialist or general audits. All new questions that you define for an audit are automatically stored in the question register and are available to you when creating future audits. Any changes that you make to existing questions in the register are also tracked providing you with important evidence of continuous improvement.

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