General statement

CHECKSOLO fully respects your right to privacy, and will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your clear permission. We encrypt all transmissions of data. We encrypt all stored data.


Collection and use of personal information

CHECKSOLO does not collect any personal data about you on this website, apart from information which you volunteer by using our online feedback form. Information that you supply via our online feedback form is used exclusively to deal with your inquiry. We do not retain this information beyond the timeline required to deal with your inquiry. We do not share any personal details that you supply via the online feedback form with any other parties.

CHECKSOLO collect the following information about all people in your organization that register to use our VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform:

  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Digital signature (optional)
  • Photo (optional)

The lawful basis on which we process personal data is Performance of a Contract. Each individual using VERTHOS are provided with a direct means through the VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform to do any of the following on demand:

  • Change their password
  • Add or remove their digital signature
  • Add or remove their photo

First name, last name, email address, and phone number can be changed in the normal course of business by submitting a request to us. We will validate that in changing your details you are not attempting to masquerade as another individual, and that you are not going to cause data to leak outside of the VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform to unauthorized people.

Generally, users of our VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform are employees, agents, or sub-contractors of one of our customers and are employed to carry out and attest that they have completed one or more tasks of work. The reports certifying that the work has been completed by an individual are recorded as having been submitted by that individual, and where the individual has added their digital signature, will be signed with their digital signature. The basis for use of this personal information and it’s association with a completed report is the Performance of a Contract.


Collection and use of technical information

This website ( does not use cookies. Our VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform sites use temporary “session” cookies exclusively for secure login purposes.


Glossary of technical terms used

Small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer by a web site. Cookies can be read by the web site on your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the web page, or a unique identification number so that the web site can “remember” you on your return visit. Generally speaking, cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have furnished such information to the web site.


Third Party Infrastructure Providers That We Use

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft (Azure)


Access and Portability

If your personal data is registered on our VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform you have the Right of Access and the Right to Data Portability.

To submit a request to us to exercise either of these rights please send an email to specifying which rights you wish to exercise. You must provide sufficient information to allow us to clearly identify who you are. We may seek proof of identity to ensure that we do not release personal information to anyone other than the person to whom it pertains. To help us identify your request more easily, please include the term “Right of Access” or “Right to Data Portability” in the subject line of your email.

We acknowledge all requests that we receive within two (2) working days of receipt. We typically aim to completely service such requests within five (5) working days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your request from us within three working days please call us on +353 (0)1 430 5208.