Annex SL Platform

VERTHOS is a 3rd Generation platform, providing a full Annex SL enforcing framework to deliver on the mandatory standard requirements in each phase of the Plan Do Check Act cycle underpinning the standard.

See:  ISO 9001:2015ISO 22000:2018 (FSMS)

Sector Specific Support

VERTHOS supports multiple sector specific Quality Processes for ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001. For example,  HACCP for hazard management and UFAS for Agri-Feed production environments.

3rd Generation Digital Platforms (QMS & FSMS)

VERTHOS provides the world-class digitalisation strategy you need to master and surpass all the challenges that your organisation will face as it sets out on a journey to ISO certification and retention. As a 3rd generation digital platform, VERTHOS fully meets the requirements of active, contextual enforcement organisation-wide.


MOST Adaptable QMS & FSMS with Validation

VERTHOS is an Annex SL compliant platform that is 100% adaptable to your needs, with rapid modelling, validation and deployment. VERTHOS is the only 3rd Generation platform that can travel the full journey with you, whether you want to go with a big-bang approach, or whether you need to solve immediately pressing problems.

Active Enforcement

VERTHOS deals with the major challenge of driving culture change by enforcing compliance, not just simply monitoring it, giving all levels of management the information and tools they need to succeed.

Always Audit Ready

VERTHOS is always audit ready and brings a level of defensibility to your quality programme that is authentic and transparent. Everything you need to support an external audit in terms of records, evidence, demonstrable process, and efficacy trends is at your fingertips. Leave the stress behind.

BEST Analytics & Reporting

VERTHOS provides the four major categories of integrated analytics and reports: Operational management reports identify process bottlenecks and people who are not fully engaged, trend reports show efficacy of your processes, the real-time analytics dashboards let you slice your data exactly as you prefer, and the individual task reports provide a perfect evidence trail.

FULLY Mobile

VERTHOS is optimized for mobility—including on and offline access (unlike legacy apps that use heavy VPNs, browsers or email to simulate mobile access). Every type of task or process looks and works identically on your desktop, tablet and phone.

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