Infinitely Adaptable

Empower your experts with a dynamic compliance platform that is as adaptable as a spreadsheet. Prebuilt solutions including GDPR-Guardian included.


Work off-line with our mobile apps.  Synchronize field data whenever you have an internet connection.

GDPR Guardian

Includes GDPR-Guardian for DPO’s. Preloaded with over 600 relevant GDPR activities that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Risk Management

Combines comprehensive analytics with cradle-to-grave history for every asset, audit or event. Enables effective management of continuous improvement programmes.

Guaranteed Integrity

Leverages Blockchain smart contracts to underpin integrity.

Open API

Full API for IoT and third party integration.

Supplier Control

Transference Network gives you complete ownership and control.  Own YOUR data. Control YOUR data.

Media Resilience

Transform your media relationship with evidence. Demonstrate the authentic connection between your ethos and your activities on the ground.

BIG Data

Leverage big data and machine learning to yield enhanced analytics, reporting and event prediction.

Transform your risk profile

Save Money

Achieve significant cost savings on the operation of your compliance programmes.

Reduce Risk

Systematically reduce and mitigate risks to your business.

Consolidate Control

Gain and maintain control of vital data that is scattered throughout your supplier network.

Brand Protection

Create alignment between the ethos and aspirations of your organization and your compliance spend.

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