Quality Management and Compliance

VERTHOS supports building compliance programmes and general quality standards

Works with small and large teams of contractors

Maintains full data separation from different contractors

Fully integrated Audit, CAPA, and remedial projects


Comprehensive electrical survey capabilities including scanner to capture RECI certificates. No more chasing engineers for reports and certificates. Survey report and scanned certificate are available to you once the engineer completes the survey. Engineers can even share previews of surveys that are in progress. This can be particularly useful when they want more guidance on issues they may have uncovered, for example, to capture more photographic evidence from a variety of angles where there is unexpected damage to systems that are in publicly accessible places.

Engineers can capture and annotate photos directly on site with our native apps that are able to operate without the need for internet connectivity. Apps will automatically synchronise their data with the VERTHOS cloud when connectivity is available.

Initiate and manage remedial projects feeding in selective survey findings.

We understand that many organisations rely on contractors from competing companies to perform their on-site surveys and remedial works. You need to provide them with enough information to be able to be effective, and at the same time you want to ensure that information is not shared across your contractor base. VERTHOS manages all of this for you. You can set your preferences for your desired balance between inter contractor cooperation and inter contractor competition.


Fire safety management is a mission critical function in your estate. It is vital to operate a systematic programme to address risks and maximise safety.

VERTHOS provides a best-in-class solution for fire safety management. It delivers a solution that connects all of the players involved in delivery of your fire safety programme into a coordinated workflow that streamlines the effort and makes sure that nothing falls between the cracks.

VERTHOS automatically creates and maintains your inventory of fire safety assets. It shows the status of every asset in your network in a traffic light colour coded dashbaord so you can see the status of every asset at a glance.

Export your asset register and it's up-to-the-second status to Microsoft Excel on demand.

Bring complete transparency to your fire safety management programme and enjoy the benefits of best-in-class solution that will stand up to all external scrutiny.

Customer & Bespoke

VERTHOS provides you with the means to create any number of customer defined or your own internal bespoke audits on-demand.

All of these audits are automatically integrated with CAPA management.

VERTHOS employs a sophisticated register of audit questions that you can use to quickly create specialist or general audits. All new questions that you define for an audit are automatically stored in the question register and are available to you when creating future audits. Any changes that you make to existing questions in the register are also tracked providing you with important evidence of continuous improvement.

Customer Testimonials

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