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St. Michael’s House – Case Study

Case Study

How St. Michaels House is succeeding with VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform


St. Michael’s House provides a comprehensive range of services and supports to men, women, and children with intellectual disabilities and their families in 170 locations in the greater Dublin Area. Its mission is to:

“Support individuals with intellectual disabilities to achieve their potential and live as independently as possible in ordinary places in the community connected to natural support networks.”




The safety of all Service User’s and staff members is very important to St. Michael’s House and maintaining compliance to fire standards and ultimately legislative requirements is a critical part of this process. All fire safety inspections and compliance procedures are maintained and managed using paper and associated electronic data tools. The large number of properties, frequency of inspections, volume of information, and numbers of people involved at various levels, needed a simplified automated process that would provide transparency. In addition, the solution should provide an up to date asset register to ensure appropriate governance. The Fire Manager wanted to trial the VERTHOS system from Checksolo to evaluate if it could provide the solution which could be rolled out to other areas of fire management in St. Michael’s house. It was agreed to use the preventative maintenance of the fixed fire fighting systems in SMH as a starting point that would manage the following:

  • Capture of all inspection data for fire extinguishers, blankets, hydrants, and Ansul systems , etc. using an external contractor.
  • Ensure that related fire extinguisher, Ansul and hydrant certificates and invoices are provided efficiently without error
  • Ensure approval of all captured data and allocation of correct finance code
  • Control the end-to-end fixed fire fighting management process to ensure that a status of fire compliance of all properties is accessible
  • Maintain a full and accurate list of all fixed firefighting assets and their associated status
  • Deliver automatic report generation with full audit traceability



St. Michael’s House (SMH) selected the VERTHOS Digital Workflow platform from Checksolo, based on its flexibility and simplicity to integrate into their environment. The VERTHOS platform was configured to align with the fire management needs of SMH, creating a customer specific digital workflow. This workflow integrated the data capture from site through external contractors, captured the fire certificate and invoice, approval by the fire manager and association of the correct finance codes to each job, before closing the process. Throughout the workflow, automatic emails are sent to the Accounts and Maintenance departments with information relevant to them.

Checksolo provided the VERTHOS Digital Workflow platform as a SaaS based solution configured to their specific workflow requirements. This provided SMH with an end-to-end solution to manage all fixed fire fighting assets, across all properties, and ensure full compliance to the relevant fire standards. Checksolo analysed the requirements, supported the configuration and on-site training of the platform to ensure a smooth migration from a paper-based system to the VERTHOS Digital Workflow platform.


VERTHOS delivers the end-to-end fire safety management process for preventative maintenance of fixed fire fighting systems, specific to St. Michael’s House, for all our buildings. It schedules tasks and ensures that all work activities are managed to conclusion. VERTHOS provides a central repository for all fixed fire fighting assets each with their own associated compliance report. VERTHOS provides paperless fixed fire fighting reporting that saves us time and eliminates all the paperwork. Automatic reports and customizable dashboards let us see everything at a glance. I’m now in the process of rolling the system out further to support fire management in SMH. Isolde VeldFire Safety Manager St. Michael’s House.


ABOUT St. Michael’s House

St. Michael’s House provides a comprehensive range of services and supports to men, women, and children with intellectual disabilities and their families in 170 locations in the greater Dublin Area. It supports 1,953 people and this has an impact on thousands of family members. St. Michael’s House is a company funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE), TUSLA and the Department of Education and Skills. (Figures from 1st May 2021)


ABOUT Checksolo

Checksolo DAC develops and supplies the VERTHOS Digital Workflow Platform (DWP) – an enterprise level ‘no-code’ configurable system. VERTHOS DWP is deployed across a range of industries including Healthcare, Medical, Facilities Management and Agri Foods. Checksolo provide VERTHOS on a SaaS basis with no IT infrastructure requirements and same or next day deployments.



For further details, please contact:

Gus Collins

Chief Operating Officer

Checksolo DAC

8 Broadford Avenue


Dublin 16



T: +353 86 814 0779

Isolde Veld

Fire Safety Manager

St. Michael’s House

Ballymun Road

Dublin 9



T: +353 1 884 0200

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