VERTHOS 2.1 Released

VERTHOS 2.1 officially released December 17, 2017.

New features

This release includes significant new functionality.

  • Third party contractors can be created with their own administrators and can directly manage all aspects of contracts that have been assigned to them.
  • Activities can now be triggered automatically based upon deep analysis of the final state of other activities.  All relevant data from an activity that triggers another activity is automatically carried over to the new activity.
  • Spreadsheet exports have been significantly enhanced.  Export one or more Excel spreadsheets of your own design on-demand. These spreadsheets are based upon spreadsheet templates that you create and pre-load into VERTHOS.  The export process populates the spreadsheet with live data for the period of time that you request.  This provides a means to perform additional advanced analysis via spreadsheet.
  • SQLite database export on-demand.  The SQLite database is populated with all reports for the period requested.  It is ideal for feeding to other business intelligence systems.
  • Activity reminders are active in this release.  Users are automatically notified when an activity is added to their schedule.  The reminder facility also issues reminders when activities are overdue.
  • Automatic reassignments are active in this release.  Activities that are tagged for automatic reassignment to user schedules are automatically reassigned to the same user.  This eliminates the need for a supervisor to assign recurring work activities.
  • Upgrades to the open API to include support for all of the above.
  • User Roles extended to cover all functionality in the Admin Portal.
  • Multiple Admin Portal users are now supported.
  • Activity Types can now specify whether a first due date should be collected when creating a new item / issue.

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • VERTHOS-55 / Web App / When the browser is “dragged” to a reduced in size,  the text in the guidance box isn’t responsive. – RESOLVED
  • VERTHOS-71 / Report Subsystem / The “€” symbol captured in a float field is not displayed correctly in the report. – RESOLVED
  • VERTHOS-77 / iPad App, Web App, Report Subsystem / Have the ability to format a float data type as per formatting in outlook e.g. #,###.## or “DP=2,thousands=yes”. – RESOLVED
  • VERTHOS-80 / Admin Portal / MoveUp and Delete operations on Dashboard, Report and Alert widgets do not properly manage the widget sequence.  Operation is erratic. – RESOLVED