VERTHOS GDPR-GUARDIAN is a Compliance Support Platform designed to help organisations systematically address their GDPR compliance obligations.

VERTHOS employs our Triple ‘A’ methodology that provides a structured approach to achieving compliance that has a very strong correlation with the real world.  The Triple A’s are Alignment, Awareness, Auditing.

Alignment is the process of aligning your business with your GDPR compliance obligationsVERTHOS GDPR Guardian Triple A Methodology.  It works like this:

  • Looking across all functions, people, process and systems within your organization and identifying and inventorying all of the possibilities for breach of compliance.
  • Profiling each possibility of breach in terms of likelihood of occurrence and cost of occurrence.
  • Formulating strategies for mitigating each possibility of breach. Mitigation is not necessarily elimination, but is meaningful reduction in likelihood.
  • Formulating metrics to allow effective monitoring and measurement of compliance efforts, especially early warning pre-breach indicators.

Awareness is the process of fostering knowledge of your strategies for mitigation among your workforce.  It works like this:

  • Providing training to your workforce that is tuned appropriately to the people involved in each role.
  • Asking your workforce to periodically complete automated short surveys in which you ask them to self-declare their awareness and compliance with your processes and policies. These are highly tuned surveys that ask very focused questions.  They take 90 seconds to complete, and typically you would ask your workforce to complete these surveys every 60 to 90 days.  This can be automatically tied in to monitoring and measurement and feed into analytics dashboards.
  • Automating testing the quality of knowledge of your workforce. This is done through automatic surveys that postulate a scenario and ask the person to choose the appropriate way to deal with the scenario from a set of pre-canned answers.  This can be automatically tied into monitoring and measurement and feed into analytics and dashboards.

Auditing is statistical testing of compliance across people, systems and environments.  This is a blend of:

  • Physical audits carried out by trained auditors supported by appropriate subject matter experts (SMEs). These can be a combination of announced and unannounced audits.  These can be automatically tied in to monitoring and measurement and feed into analytics dashboards.
  • Automated audits of logs and other output from computer systems via scanning by specialized tools and software. These can be automatically tied in to monitoring and measurement and feed into analytics dashboards.

VERTHOS Key Benefits

VERTHOS comes preloaded with a full suite of essential surveys that can be quickly tailored to your exact environment.  It even includes a common risk assessment matrix that looks across all operations of an enterprise and demonstrates how all risks are mitigated.  Regardless of the complexity of your organisation, VERTHOS can have your compliance operations up and running quickly.

We’ve made VERTHOS incredibly easy to deploy and use.  Work on-line using our browser based apps (mobile & desktop).  Or work off-line with our mobile apps.  VERTHOS is cloud based and can be deployed across small and large enterprise without any complex or costly integrations.  VERTHOS will:

  • help you significantly reduce the cost of implementation and administration of your GDPR compliance programme.
  • help you achieve best practice in GDPR compliance.
  • let you know what’s happening in your GDPR compliance operations at a glance.
  • help you identify early warning signs of activity that can lead to breach and will also help you identify breaches at the earliest opportunity.
  • automatically compile, build and retain evidence of your efforts to be compliant.
  • help you to strategically defend your organisation in the event that you find yourself in front of the Data Protection Commissioner or in the Courts.
  • provide your organisation with the evidence upon which you can build your media narrative in the event of adverse media coverage resulting from an incident.

VERTHOS employs automation wherever possible.  It completely automates your self-declaration and awareness validation programmes. The results are automatically analysed and made available to you in automatic reports generated by VERTHOS daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.  The reports include full trend analyses.

All completed audit reports submitted to VERTHOS are subject to real-time analysis.  In addition to compiling trend data, VERTHOS automatically generates real-time alerts to notify you of significant issues that require your immediate attention.

VERTHOS can also automatically trigger follow-up actions based upon analysis of audits and assign the actions to the appropriate personnel.  It automatically keeps track of all triggered activities relating to an audit right through to resolution.

VERTHOS Key Features

VERTHOS GDPR Guardian Benefits

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

VERTHOS incorporates three separate systems designed to let you keep your finger on the pulse of your GDPR compliance operations.

The dynamic dashboard provides a large range of real-time analyses.  Click on a segment in a pie chart or a column in a bar chart and see the actual reports of activities that comprise the data set in the chart.  You can choose keys to segment your data for real-time comparative analysis.

The alerts dashboard provides you with the means to choose to be alerted in real-time to events.  Events can be based upon simple or complex analysis of activity reports.
VERTHOS GDPR Guardian Analytics
The reports dashboard provides you with the means to define the range of analyses that will make up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports that issue to you automatically.  There is no limit to the complexity of the analyses that you can define.  In addition to the analyses that you define, you get an automatic set of production oriented analyses including the aged analysis by activity.

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