VERTHOS-CP is an affordable compliance portal for companies involved in any phase of pharmaceutical or bio-medical supply chains.

VERTHOS-CP comes with a rich suite of built-in quality processes, including full action registers and integrated CAPA, that are ready for you to use.  But more importantly, VERTHOS-CP lets you tweak and make adjustments to each process instantly, until they are a perfect-fit for your company.

VERTHOS-CP is so flexible you can even create brand-new processes to meet your needs, and all without the need for IT specialists and analysts.

VERTHOS-CP can be deployed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost normally associated with QMS implementations.

Better still, VERTHOS-CP is fully mobile.  Take an iPad on a site visit, even without internet connectivity, and still have all of the power of VERTHOS-CP available.

Compatible with 21CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.


Manage and Achieve


Consistent Quality


Do More with Less


Instant Results


Quality Processes

VERTHOS-CP comes preloaded with a rich suite of quality management processes that you can adjust to your precise needs, including all of the following processes:

All processes are directly definable by you, giving you the power to:

  • Adjust existing processes to meet your exact needs.
  • Add or remove processes.
  • Clone existing processes as a basis for creating brand-new processes.
  • Connect the outcome of one process to another process (for example, CAPA or Action Management).
  • Define process rules based upon a deep analysis of activity data that can trigger other processes and activities.
  • Allocate or restrict processes based on user roles that you define.
  • Define the data you wish to capture in each activity.

All processes have the ability to support multi-person approval phases.  VERTHOS-CP provides automatic validation capability for all user defined changes.


Role Management and Security

VERTHOS-CP gives you all of the tools you need to ensure that you can precisely control who gets access to each aspect of functionality.

All activities are tamper-proof.  Once an activity is started by one of your staff it is automatically locked-down to that staff member.  VERTHOS-CP will not allow anyone else to make changes to that activity.  Once the activity is signed-off by the staff member it can never be changed again, even by the staff member that performed the activity.

All completed activities are treated as valuable evidence and are automatically retained to provide a full audit trail of your quality management activities.


VERTHOS-CP provides dashboards where you can see a live feed of all aspects of your quality management activities at a glance.  All dashboards are user definable and can analyse both live and historical data.

The diagram below below shows an activity tree illustrating the entire handling of an audit that resulted in multiple CAPA actions.  Just clicking on any part of the tree will open a PDF report from the VERTHOS-CP secure cloud showing how that activity was handled.  You can even observe activities being conducted as they happen.


You can use the built-in analytics dashboard to query any aspect of your operations and to analyse trends.

All graphs and charts are interactive, so you can click on a segment of a pie chart or a column in a bar chart to see the underlying data and reports.

You can customise the dashboards with just a few mouse clicks allowing you to create new analyses on demand.


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