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    The Best GDPR Compliance Management Platform for Data Protection Officers

Simple Methodology

VERTHOS GDPR-GUARDIAN comes with a full implementation methodology showing you step-by-step how to get a comprehensive GDPR compliance programme up and running for your clients.


Thirty four full audits comprising 475 questions all targeting GDPR risk.  A full risk rationale is provided for each question so your client can evaluate whether it is appropriate for their organisation and aligned with their data privacy and protection policies.

Mitigation & Management

Fully automatic mitigation strategy for each risk, combined with real-time alerts, analytics dashboards and a comprehensive range of management reports. Infinitely customisable by our partners, delivering risk agility and risk resilience. Provides the DPO with a solid basis for strategic defence in the event of breach.

Unparalleled Support Services Opportunity Using our VERTHOS GDPR-GUARDIAN Platform

Legal Advisory Services

GDPR legal advisory services including SAR support services and DPIA legal support.


GDPR workshops and training and awareness services.

Audit Services

Technical, environmental and people auditing services.


DPIA planning and technical support services.

Project Management

Project management services for roll-out planning, customisation and reviews.

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